Oil Filtering

Oil Filtering

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VITO Oil Filtration Systems

Our four minute self filtering cycle can save you up to 50% on your oil purchasing, reduce your storage needs, reduce your oil disposal needs, increase the taste and quality of your foods and provide your customers healthier deep fried foods.

Significantly increases lifetime of your frying oil

Reduce your oil cost by up to 50%
Improve taste, Improve profits
Always fry in clean oil
Very simple to use
Save labour time with automatic fryer cleaning
Seems to good to be true…see what our customers are saying:

How does the VITO Oil Filtering System work?

Our VITO 50 simply drops IN your deep fryer at FULL operating temperature during your regular business hours. Its runs on a self timer for 4 minutes and will micro filter your frying oil contaminates including CARBON. At the end of the 4 minutes you simply move it into your next fryer. We recommend this process after your major rush cycle for best results.

Safe to use and so easy to clean, submergible parts go right in your dishwasher. The result… better tasting food, much healthier food and significantly prolonged oil life.

Not yet convinced? We are so confident in our product we will come into your restaurant and give you a no obligation FREE DEMO that will shock you. Book your time now.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the VITO Oil Filtration System SAVE me so much money?

It is simple, as you deep fry particals of food are left in your fryer (batter, breading, even proteins). As these particles sit in your fryer they continue to cook, eventually turning into CARBON a known carcinogenic (an item related to cancer development). This carbon along with the other foreign particals in your oil cause it to break down, taste bad, discolour and smoke. If you were able to micro filter these particles out while you were operating you would effectively remove your oil’s contamination.

The results are simple, your foods will taste better, they are much healthier to eat and you significantly prolong the life of your oil thus saving you huge money. Typical results are 35% to 50% longer oil life when used as demonstrated.

Will VITO Oil Filtration work in MY kitchen?

The VITO Filtering system works with any oil or shortening including: Vegetable OIL, Canola OIL (trans fat free or not), Sunflower OIL, Shortening, FryMax and any other hybrid frying liquid. The VITO will work in any type of heat source including: Gas, Propane, and Electric.

What sizes do the VITO Oil Filtration Systems come in?

We offer 2 sizes of VITO Filtering units to accommodate different fryer sizes.
VITO 50 for fryers from 10 liters to 25 liters
VITO 80 for fryers from 25 liters to 50 liters

Why is this better then other oil filtering units?

This product is so simple and safe to use with no need to transfer the hot oil from your fryer to a cumbersome filtering device and than back to your fryer. This will cut down on kitchen related accidents and time. However the most significant difference is the filtering process it’s self. The VITO uses a powerful motor to force the oil through our micro filter at a high rate of pressure. This pressure combined with the 96 layers of fine paper micro filter will capture more foreign particles and carbon then any other filtering product on the market. In fact we will give you a free demo AFTER you filter your fryer with your current method to show you the results.

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Why is Frying Oil becoming so expensive?

deep fryer filteringA few years back the price for a 16L pail of vegetable or canola oil was about $18 a pail. In early 2008 the market price is about $32.00 and up depending on the brand for that same pail of oil. The bad news is that prices are going to continue to clime due to the demand for ethanol fuel production in the U.S. Its very simple, ethanol production plants are willing to pay farmers more for a crop of corn for ethanol then we are willing to pay for a crop of seeds or grain for Canola or vegetable oil. So we are all competing for the same farmers field, and ethanol demand is growing in leaps and bounds. To see some recent articles from The National Post Newspaper with respect to the ethanol demand and its direct effects on the food business click here.

Will the price of Frying Oil come down?

At this point the price will only become higher in relation to ethanol production. This demand is also going to drive up all related food commodities as well like Chicken and Breads. Chickens feed on grain, grain crops are being converted to corn crops again to fuel ethanol production thus more expensive to feed the chickens. We need flour for bread related goods and with less grain crops up goes the price of breads. The ripple effect goes on.

VITO Oil filtration is a MUST have for any responsible operator.

This product is the real deal, tens of thousands of units have been sold in Europe. It is now available in Canada and the U.S.

Tell me about the VITO WARRANTY?

The VITO Oil Filtration System is made in Germany. Using only the highest quality components. The unit comes with a full one year PARTS & LABOUR warranty.

How much will this cost me?

You should ask your self how much this will SAVE you. This is an investment that will reduce your food costs and increase your food quality. We offer third party financing that can typically be approved in 15 minutes from your location after your demo. We take Visa, Master Card, bank drafts, certified cheques and good old cash.