Electric Shawarma (adjustable)

  • Dimensions: 534*700*1015mm

  • Voltage: 380V/50Hz

  • Rotation speed: 2.5R.P.M

  • Power: 9.9Kw

  • Diameter for broiled meat﹤400mm

  • N.W.: 34KGS

1.All stainless steel body. Good-looking. Simple structure and easy to operate.
2.Three high-efficient heating elements,and they are controlled separately.
3.Each heating element has three power (3.3Kw/1.65Kw and 0.825Kw)
4.The diameter of the kabobs is less than 400mm.


Gas Shawarma (adjustable)

  • Dimensions:534*700*1015mm

  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz

  • Rotation speed: 3.5R.P.M

  • Power: 14.8Kw/50,499BTU

  • Fuel type: LPG

  • Weight: 31KGS

  • Gas Flow: 1.25KGS/h(LPG),1.55m³/h(NG)

  • Diameter for broiled meat﹤400mm

1.Infrared radiant broiling,high efficiency.
2.Adjustable distance from heater to food.
3.Constant temperature for the food.
4.Motor speed:3.6R/min, the diameter of the kabobs is less than 400mm.