Commercial Immersion Blender

  • Voltage: 220-240 V

  • Power: 0.55 Kw

  • Variable Speed: 3000 – 12000 RPM

  • Bar Size: 90 * 530 mm

  • Size of Power Drive: 330*Φ120 mm

  • Capacity: 50 – 100 L

  • Weight: 6 Kg

1.The P-shape handle design is for easy grip and effortless use.
2. A louvered ventilation slot design with narrow gap is benefit for water proof and better protection.
3. Press on protection button can avoid the wrong operation effectively.
4. Continuous work is secured by locking operation button.
5. Being detached is made easily by screw-type connection design.
6. Permanent magnet DC motor with high efficiency ratio, small size ,light weight and long operating life.
7. The foot, blades and tube can all be taken apart for cleaning to ensure hygiene.
8. SABIC plastic PC housing, OMRON radiator (one part), Japanese NSK bearing.
9. The blade and other food-contact area are made of 304 stainless steel. The thickness of the stainless steel hollow pipe is 2 mm.